Website, Shop, PoS, Ticket System, and much more.

Content Management System

Content Management System


ION (/ˈaɪɒn/) is our Content Management System (CMS) for editing and maintaining websites and online stores. But it can do much more, because we have bundled our best systems in ION.

Some of the modules included in the basic system are:

  • Online-Shop and PoS (Point of Sale)
  • Ticket-System (for events with or without seating plan)
  • Chatbot with AI
  • Hotel or Accommodation Module (rooms, arrangements, rate monitor, and much more.)
  • Ad- & Marketing-Module

Feature Overview

  • Flexible editing of your website (with WYSIWYG editor)
  • Optimized for mobile devices & search engines
  • Pages, Blog, Categories, Navigation
  • Templates, Widgets, Newsletter, Sitemap, and much more
  • Multilingual
  • Admin & Permission system
  • Tracking tools, SEO tools
  • Modularly expandable and much more