What is OnPage-SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamentally divided into OnPage and OffPage optimization, with OnPage optimization typically being the initial step. It involves making adjustments to a website's content and serves as the foundation for effective and successful SEO.

OnPage SEO encompasses keyword-optimized content, optimized formatting, headings, and image descriptions, along with the best possible internal linking. A crucial aspect of OnPage SEO is selecting appropriate keywords, which can be done using tools that display the monthly search queries for each search term. When choosing suitable keywords, it is vital to try and understand the user's intent when entering the search query into the search engine. Additionally, well-formatted and optimally chosen headings for text, images, and graphics are essential in OnPage SEO, incorporating the target keywords.

Achieving a high ranking in search engines also significantly depends on the placement of keywords within the website's HTML code. For instance, optimizing the title tag is crucial, as its content appears not only in browser tabs and on the title page but also as a heading in search engine results lists. The URL can also influence search engine rankings, and the HTML code of a page should adhere to the latest standards; otherwise, search engines may assume outdated content and penalize the website. Optimizing a website for search engines is an extensive process that requires ongoing adaptation, as SEO, like the internet itself, is continually evolving. However, a well-optimized website - for which proper OnPage optimization is critical - is rewarded by search engines with high placements on results pages.

In summary:
Effective OnPage SEO includes high-quality content, such as text and images that offer real value for users, and a clear layout with the optimal use of relevant keywords. When creating your website's content, focus on the customer and strive to make their visit as pleasant and engaging as possible. By doing this, you will have accomplished much in the realm of OnPage SEO. Alternatively, you can also enlist the services of an SEO agency to implement these measures.

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